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Enrollment Criteria for I/S Enrollment Procedures

Enrollment Procedures

Application and Enrollment Procedures

All students and their parents/guardians must complete an application or transfer packet.

 New students enrolling in our district:

  • Submit the application with a current transcript, report of grades in progress and CST test scores to WSIS.

  • The student will be given the reading test at the time a completed application is received.

  • Parents will be contacted to schedule a meeting with the student and parent/guardian to discuss the application.  At this meeting the student will either be enrolled at WSIS or will be directed to a more appropriate school or program.

Students Transferring within the Washington Unified School District:

  • Submit the transfer application to your current school site counselor. Your school administrator must sign the form.

  • Your application will be reviewed by the Central Review Board to determine approval for enrollment. I

  • If the student is accepted,  a meeting will be scheduled with the parent, student, and WSIS counselor.


For those students with a current IEP, an IEP meeting will be arranged to determine if WSIS is an appropriate placement. Enrollment at WSIS is an IEP team decision.


All students will be re-evaluated at the end of each academic term to determine appropriateness of continued enrollment.